10 Feb

My funny Valentine

I’m spending Valentine’s Day in a relationship.

I haven’t had much time or inclination to post anything here when the relationship was in its early stages, but now I am prepared to share a bit about Adam.

He’s really smart and inquisitive.  He reads non-fiction and searches the internet for information about things that pique his interest.  I am smart and curious, but mostly too lazy to actively learn.  I read strictly fiction and only learn things by accident when facts and history happen to be part of a novel.

He used to work in a militaristic setting and has practiced martial arts for many years.  He’s into guns and Call of Duty and is probably more Republican than Democrat but despises both parties and wishes Ron Paul had been elected.  Needless to say, he’s more interested in politics than I am.

These are all things I never thought would be attractive to me in a mate.  I have never shot a gun, if you don’t count that time we played paintball.  I suck at video games (Rock Band doesn’t count!), and I am more Democrat than Republican but mostly prefer to ignore political debate and discussion.

How did we ever end up together?  We used to do spin class together and were friends for a few years before we started dating but we never really talked about any of those things.  I just knew he was funny and extremely entertaining during spin class, and outside of class we mostly hung out with lots of other people and got drunk, so I suppose we never had serious conversations.

He’s tall, dark, and handsome, but what I find really attractive is his respect for my intelligence and opinions, and that he’s not just goofy and silly, which he can be, but he’s quick with the funny.

This morning we were laying in bed as we are wont to do on a Sunday morning, and he said, as he does every weekend, “I want some tea.  I wish someone would bring tea and coffee so we could stay in bed.”

I usually yawn, and agree, but this morning I was partly distracted looking at Twitter, and for no fathomable reason, I said, “Why don’t you call our Leprechaun slave to get it for us?”

Without missing a beat, he called out, “LIAM!”

Adam’s business partner’s Fiance/Ex-Wife/”Baby Mama”/Boss/Cuntress recently started school to become a Physician Assistant.  She used to help out with the business but when she had a baby a few months ago, and because she was already admitted to the PA program, I took over helping the guys with customer service and bookkeeping.  To say she had a difficult time letting go would be an understatement and in one of their misguided attempts to satisfy her desire to part of the business yet not have to rely on commitment of time which Adam knew would be extremely limited, the guys asked her to help put together some marketing materials.

After having her designs either reworked or outright rejected several times, she quit the company in a lengthy resignation email in which she told them she had asked for not their creative input, but merely the copy they wanted to appear on the fliers.  I mean, how dare they have an opinion about the materials that would represent their company.  She then pointed out that they should have relied on her excellent sense of design because of her years of scrapbooking experience.  Since we all know that scrapbooking experience is the same as having a Marketing degree, you can imagine the hours of fun we have had with this statement.

While visiting Shelly, who is an actual a PA, I mentioned that The Cuntress was in a PA program but that she has never really held a job.  Shelly asked how she had managed to get into a PA program with no medical experience since it is typically required.  I texted Adam for an answer and he responded, “She used to be a Pharmacy Tech.  I’m pretty sure that is to medical school what scrapbooking is to art design.”

See?  Funny.

4 Sep

“We’re grown Men”

Adam and his business partner, Casey, are heading to Raleigh tonight for an important meeting with a potential backer tomorrow. He called me when they hit the road to tell me they were stuck in traffic and to complain that it was eating into their “killing” time.

They are both addicted to Modern Warfare 3: Call of Duty but don’t get much opportunity to play together because of their busy schedules. So since they are going to be sharing a hotel room tonight, they packed the Xbox and the game and are intent on getting in a few hours of play.

In addition to the traffic slowing them down, they are also stopping along the way to pick up another attendee for tomorrow’s meeting. “We can’t tell Brent that he is also disrupting our killing time,” Adam said. “I just hope he doesn’t want to crash on our pull-out couch.”

I could hear Casey pipe up in the background. “You know what we have to tell him if he wants to do that.”

“Oh, will you have to admit you’re planning to play Call of Duty?” I asked.

“No way!” Adam explained. “We’ll have to explain that we have to make a confession. We are not just business partners.”

“You mean you would rather out yourself as gay than tell him you like to play video games?”

“Hell yes! We’re grown men. We don’t play video games!”

22 Apr

The quick and dirty update

Warning: Shameless pimping of Apple products.

Guess what?

There’s an app for this, the writing of blog posts so I can do it from my iPad. Cool, huh? Don’t hate. You wish you had one, too.

Life has presented some new challenges as well as some new opportunities since my last post, 6 months ago. The Mortgage Miracle Worker has returned; I am again gainfully employed. I am no more flush with funds as it is a commission only sales job and I am still in the incubatory period, but progress is being made and I can see the pin-dot of light at the end of the tunnel.

Divorce is imminent and oddly enough, Chris and I are getting along pretty well despite living under the same roof. Fortunately, his travel schedule keeps us from spending much time together, contributing to the overall bonhomie.

I am spending a lot of time with someone who makes me feel good about myself and I enjoy very much. His identity will not be revealed today to protect the not-at-all-innocent. Relationships when divorce is involved can be tricky and for now, I am enveloping this one in plastic bubble-wrap to keep it safe.

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